Page reloading on form submission in IE10

I recently installed IE10 for Windows 7 and naturally the first thing I did was check how my sites looked with it. Pages were loading in IE10 standards mode and it was great to see new CSS3 features supported. All seemed to work fine, until I tested the search form on one of the sites…

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Kentico’s built in jQuery may break your scripts

I recently discovered that Kentico has an inbuilt jQuery library (who knew!) and there is a knowledge base article advising how to add Kentico’s jQuery. The article adds a foot note: “Please do not register any other jQuery library on your pages”. This applies to Kentico V6 and V7.

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Repeating edi-region content in Kentico

Kentico has various transformation methods that can be used to output database content to the page, one quite handy method being the EditableItems[] method.

If you have an editable text region web part on say, the Home page, and want to display the content from within it on another page, simply add a Repeater web part and create a new transformation for it using just the following code:

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Getting vertically-aligned

Vertical-align is a pretty useful property at times, but could easily be assumed to align any element centrally, but there’s a catch it will only work on inline elements.

A simple example of vertical-align would be to align an image to text. This is great for aligning an icon with a title or a button. There are a few values that can be used: baseline, sub, super, text-top, text-bottom, middle, top and bottom.

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