Peveril Homes review – 2 leaks in first week!

I moved in to my brand new Peveril Homes house on 9 June 2023. I was so excited to be buying my first home and was absolutely elated on the day. I was expecting a few minor hiccups and snags, nothing major, but the problems that followed quickly turned my excitement into a bit of a nightmare!

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Dreaming of a Pokémon GO dark mode

Pokémon GO has grown massively since its launch in 2016, gaining over 166 million users in 2020 according to stats published by Business of Apps. That’s a lot of users! And while Niantic make regular updates to the game, adding new mechanics, UI improvements and fixing bugs — they’re a bit of a Slowpoke when it comes to creating a dark mode.

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Safari UI redesign in macOS 12 & iOS 15, first thoughts

During Apple’s WWDC keynote in early June 2021, one thing that stood out from all the other announcements, for me, was the new UI design for Safari. Safari is central to the experience across Apple devices and this redesign spans all platforms with one design format for macOS and iPadOS, and another for smaller iOS devices.

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