Earlier this year I was commissioned by Georgina at Lilymelts Workshop to design a new logo for use on products and across digital channels such as her website and social media.

Lilymelts Workshop provides beautifully scented handmade vegan-friendly soy wax melts, luxury candles and wax burners. The wax melts are hand scented and poured by Georgina and her daughter Morgan, at their home workshop in Birmingham.

At the time, the Lilymelts logo featured white text on a black background with a gold heart centred above the text. Georgina wanted to improve on the existing design with an easily recognisable logo that included a rose gold heart — something that’s close to her own heart as it reminds her of her mother, Lilly, whom the business is named after.

After working up initial concepts, we worked together to refine them and initially settled on a logo with a prominent heart and a friendly font. This featured two dots which were akin to dripped wax — a nod to the hand-made qualities of the wax melts.

First design for Lilymelts Workshop
Initial design ©Lilymelts Workshop

Shortly after, Lilymelts sought a change in business direction; Georgina was able to secure a new product line for burners and reed diffusers. As a result, a logo with a high-end aesthetic was required, as well as a need for the logo to be adaptable in colour and usage. A new logo was designed that uses a smooth, flowing font, almost melting in appearance. The heart was retained as a finishing touch next to the text.

Here’s the final logo, which is being used on the Lilymelts Workshop website, and on products with white, grey and black backgrounds depending on the product and application of the logo.

Final design for Lilymelts Workshop — soy wax melts
Final logo design ©Lilymelts Workshop