Kentico’s built in jQuery may break your scripts

I recently discovered that Kentico has an inbuilt jQuery library (who knew!) and there is a knowledge base article advising how to add Kentico’s jQuery. The article adds a foot note: “Please do not register any other jQuery library on your pages”. This applies to Kentico V6 and V7.

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Repeating edi-region content in Kentico

Kentico has various transformation methods that can be used to output database content to the page, one quite handy method being the EditableItems[] method.

If you have an editable text region web part on say, the Home page, and want to display the content from within it on another page, simply add a Repeater web part and create a new transformation for it using just the following code:

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Getting vertically-aligned

Vertical-align is a pretty useful property at times, but could easily be assumed to align any element centrally, but there’s a catch it will only work on inline elements.

A simple example of vertical-align would be to align an image to text. This is great for aligning an icon with a title or a button. There are a few values that can be used: baseline, sub, super, text-top, text-bottom, middle, top and bottom.

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